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Journal of Professional Development (JPD)

Aims and scope

The Journal of Professional Development (JPD) provides a platform for researchers, academics, consultants, lecturers, teachers, theorists, and practitioners to share their knowledge, insights and understanding of professional development.

We publish articles on all aspects of the theory, research and practice of professional development. However, this excludes new research.

The journal will also publish keynote papers, conference reports and book reviews. It will list relevant conferences in the professional development.

The journal’s key aim is to provide the professional development community a publication to share developments in the professional development field, accross a range of disciplines.


  • Continuing professional development
  • Professional development in a wide range of settings including management, education, psychology, health, counselling, coaching
  • Theories of professional development
  • Reports on research
  • Techniques, strategies to enhance professional development

Publication frequency

Journal items are published online as soon as they are ready and are added to the “current” volume’s Table of Contents. On an occasional basis, the publishers may print a paper journal version of the articles published.

Article and page numbering

In order to publish accepted articles promptly, the journal will use article numbers instead of the traditional method of continuous pagination through any particular volume.

Funding of authors or research

The journal will not publish articles in which any of the authors’ salaries or research costs have been funded by a tobacco company.